Pacific Accents Expandable Modular Garden Fencing System

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The Modular Garden Fence System from Pacific Accents is the fast, easy way to install outdoor fencing. Absolutely no tools are required. Simply glide the stake through the guide holes on the sides of each panel and press it into the ground. That's it! Twelve linear feet of modular fencing is included in each kit which allows you to build a 2' x 6' foot fence. Expand the fence by adding additional kits to build a 6' x 6' (12 panels - 2 kits), 8' x 10' (18 panels - 3 kits) or 12' x 12' (24 panels - 4 kits). The fact is you can add as many kits as you need to build any size fence. Watch our video to see how easy this fence is to assemble.

Removing your modular fence is quick and easy. Simply pull up the stakes one at a time and fold each panel in a zig zag motion. The fence stores flat with the stakes installed. When you want to reuse your fence, simply start at one end, unfold your panels and press the stakes back into the ground.

You're not limited to squares or rectangles. Make a circles, triangles, zig zag or scalloped shapes if you wish. You can even easily bend individual panels to make custom corners!

The Modular Garden Fence System is made of steel wire (similar to chicken wire) that is welded, galvanized and coated in green vinyl for long lasting quality and beauty.

  • Each Panel 24" Long by 18" Tall
  • Attractive Green Color Blends In Nicely With the Landscape or Garden
  • Flexible Enough To Bend Into Virtually Any Shape
  • Galvanized and Welded Steel Wire Coated In Green Vinyl
  • Weather Resistant for All Season Use
  • Combine Kits To Add Panels and Increase Fence Size
  • Keeps Small Animals Out of Your Garden

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