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Hundreds Of Products

Choose from hundreds of products to promote. Our product selection has great variety and you're sure to find an item for everyone. Our top categories include food items, batteries, lighting, home decor, toys, and pet products. Our brands Flipo, Camelion, Westinghouse, It's A Jam Shame, and Pacific Accents all offer high-quality products without the price of a name brand. If you would like to learn about our product brands, please visit our brand info page here.

In addition, we also have our "Sizzling Steals" section which is updated periodically with our latest and greatest deals. Be sure to check out our deals, so you don't miss out on saving money!

Affiliate Homepage

The homepage will be the page you use the most often. Your referral link and coupon code are available on the homepage of the affiliate portal. Whenever someone uses your referral link to make a purchase, you earn commission. Simply have the individual copy your referral link, and then paste the referral link into their web browser. Likewise, whenever someone enters your coupon code at checkout, you get the credit.

In addition, you can view your metrics on the bottom of your homepage. The metrics include your number of referrals, number of orders, percentage of commissions, and earnings.

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Giving Buyers a great value, deal and bargain is a priority for Bingading.com! Online shoppers are flocking to Amazon, Wal-Mart, and other online retailers. Our prices will meet or beat them on almost all of our items. 

Our products range from Home Decor, Pet products, Lights, Common and hard to find Batteries—you name it! We've got the items customers want and need.

Marketing Tools Page

Another way to earn commission, besides your referral link and coupon code, is to create your own product links to share on social media. To do so, go the the marketing tools page on the affiliate portal. From here, you will paste a product page link from our website. To the right you will see a generated link which you can then copy and paste onto your social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

NOTE: Our product videos are a good way to show off product features! Consider adding these videos to your social media posts. You can find a product's video in the product description.


You can choose between check, Venmo, and Paypal payments. Payments are made on the last Wednesday of each month.