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Ron Witek

815 - 220 - 0321
Ron started Bingading with the goal of giving his customers the best deal. In his free time, Ron enjoys exercising, and playing some golf with his friends. Ron is known for his kind heart and genuineness.

Brett Witek

Operations Manager / Online Sales Manager
815 - 410 - 4405
Brett has been with Bingading for 10 years. Brett enjoys cooking delicious foods, hiking, biking, kayaking, wine tasting, traveling, and hanging out with friends and family, His favorite dishes to make are chicken piccata and risotto.

Kyle Witek

Logistics Coordinator
815 - 239 - 6279

Kyle has been with Bingading for 15 years. He enjoys a lot of outdoor activities. In particular, he likes running, hiking, biking, and going on walks with Wally.

Charlene Heider

Accounting Manager
815 - 220 - 0321

Charlene has been with Bingading for 20 years. Due to Charlene being a book-keeper, she is a crazy numbers person. In her free time, she enjoys getting together with friends, spending time with her family, and watching her grandchildren's sporting events.

Daniel Francis

Senior Sales Executive
815 - 410 - 1742
Daniel has been with Bingading for 7 years. He enjoys talking to customers and learning about their businesses in order to match them up with the best products and boost their sales. He also enjoys traveling and loves red wine.

John Eliuk

Account Manager
815 - 239 - 6278

John has been with Bingading for 3 years. His favorite pastime is claiming that he is awesome and making various food products, such as jams, for his business.

Kelli Geinosky

Account Manager
815 - 410 - 4811

Kelli has been with Bingading for 3 years. Her favorite part of battery sales is sourcing hard to find or unique batteries for her customers. She enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, and exploring. Kelli also enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

Zaria Sheedy

Graphic Designer / Web Designer
815 - 239 - 6353

Zaria is a new hire who started in September 2022. She helps manage the website and design our email blast outs. Besides graphic design, Zaria also enjoys painting, hiking, and looking for frogs. She is not a good cook.

Todd Witek

Warehouse Manager
Todd has been with Bingading for 10 years. He can play multiple instruments and enjoys playing music in his free time. He started playing instruments when he was 17, and has been playing music in the local community for 40 years.

Jaime Lampley

Warehouse Assistant
Jaime has been with Bingading for a year now. She assists Todd and Kyle in the warehouse. During her free time, she enjoys crafting. She creates designs for t-shirts, tumblers, and wooden signs.

Nazario Lopez

Battery Pack Technician
Nazario has been with Bingading for 20 years. His hobby is working since he works a lot. He is a superstar.

Katie Witek

Ron's Assistant

Walter "Wally" Witek

Kyle's Assistant

Archibald "Archie" Witek

Brett's Assistant

Sullivan "Sully" Eliuk

John's Assistant

Our Very Own Todd Witek Serenades

Smilin' Todd sings "Not Since The Last Time"