Brainiac Spin-O-Rama Treat Dispensing Pet Toy

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Brainiac Spin-O-Rama Treat Dispensing Pet Toy

Round and round and round it goes, where it stops, only your dog knows! The Spin-O-Rama is a circular-shaped treat dispenser with a rotating inner disk that conceals treats from your dog. Two perforated scent screens flank the opening used to access the treats which can be hidden in any of 5 covered compartments. Your dog will use instinct, sense of smell and nose and paws to spin the inner disk until the treat is found. Measuring approximately 10 5/8 x 15/8, the Spin-O-Rama is made of wood and adorned with colorful canine designs. The Spin-O-Rama focuses your dog's attention and energy, providing countless hours of play.



  • Treat Dispensing Puzzle
  • Dogs Problem Solve Using Natural Instincts & Dexterity
  • Focuses Dog's Concentration & Energy
  • Made of Wood & Attractively Decorated
  • Moving Disk Hides Treats
  • 2 Perforated Scent Screens
  • 5 Treat Compartments: Multiple Hunt & Seek Experiences
  • Measures Approximately 10 5/8 x 15/8 
  • Packaging Measures Approximately 10 7/16 x 10 7/16 x 1¾
  • Made in China
  • UPC: 768824452633

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