Cranky Critters | Hand-Powered Mini LED Flashlights

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Cranky Critters | Hand-Powered Mini LED Flashlights

Hand-Crank devices have been around for a long time, but none are as adorable as our Cranky Critters! We riff on an old theme by creating creature-inspired designs that are the perfect safety companions for children, adolescents and anyone who would rather be cute than utilitarian. Our Cranky Critters have a recessed handle that can be spun to create up to 15 minutes of rechargeable battery life. Available as a Busy Bee, Lovely Lady Bug or Slippery Snail, each Cranky Critter has 2 LEDs for eyes with an 8-lumen output and an ON/OFF switch that allows for use when you need and want illumination. Each Cranky Critter measures approximately 3” x 2” and includes a convenient wrist strap to always keep your Critter nearby.



  • Available as Busy Bee, Lovely Lady Bug or Slippery Snail Characters
  • Critters Eyes Illuminate!
  • Manual Hand-Crank Rechargeable Battery
  • Max Light Output: 8 Lumens
  • Convenient Wrist Strap
  • User Selected On/Off Switch
  • Side Lever Hand-Crank Recesses Into Body
  • 1 Minute of Hand-Crank = 15 Minutes of Light
  • Each Measures Approx. 3” x 2”
  • Item Weight: Approx. .1 lbs
  • UPC: 768824451780

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