Ear-Clear Pet Feeding Station

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An enthusiastic dog with an appetite can push a dish across your clean floor in seconds, leaving behind a trail of food. This innovative mat and bowl system ends messy feeding problems. Ear-Clear Bowl's unique and scientific design keeps ears clear of food and water, protecting against ear related infections, pinnal lesions, and ear-margin dermatitis, common problems that afflict long-eared dogs. An ideal solution for beagles, hounds, cocker spaniels, setters and all other breeds with long ears. The Ear-Clear Pet Feeding Station Includes two 32oz. gray bowls and one black water-resistant mat.


  • Includes Two Ear-Clear Bowls & One Water & Spill Resistant Mat
  • Keeps Pets Ears Clear of Food & Water with Unique Bowl Design
  • Ends Messy Feeding Problems
  • Promotes Natural Eating Posture & Prevents the Gulping of Food
  • Ear-Clear Bowls Are Dishwasher Safe & Made of Durable High-Density Polyethylene Plastic (HDPE)
  • Feeding Mat Features Molded Depressions to Keep Ear-Clear Bowls Securely In Place

Product Dimensions:

  • Each Bowl Measures: 9.25" Diameter, 3.25" Height
  • Feeding Mat: 24 x 14 x .5 Inches
  • Package Dimensions: (L) 14.6 X (W) 6 X (H) 10.8 Inches 
  • UPC: 768824449848

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