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Stop wasting time tying hooks and start fishing with Snibs. Tying a hook is time consuming and often difficult for children or people with vision or dexterity problems. A Snib assembly is designed to quickly attach to the end of a fishing line without tying knots, allowing almost anyone to rig their own fishing pole. Snibs patented design offers reliability and ease of use with pre-assembled components and predetermined standards to ensure optimal performance with every cast. The Snib has been designed and created with respect for all fishermen and focused on a reliable and easy way for people of all ages to rig a fishing pole.

Key Benefits:

  • NO TYING KNOTS - Saves Time
  • People with vision or hand dexterity issues can rig their own fishing pole.
  • Whether setting a new line or fixing a broken one, a Snib attaches simply in less than 10 seconds
  • Ideal for children/beginners who break lines often.
  • Ideal for people new to the sport.
  • Each Snib includes predetermined standards such as weight, line length, and hook size
  • Patented design that will not slip or fall off a line.


  • Ideal For Panfish
  • Includes 6 Snib Assemblies
  • Hook: Aberdeen Size 7
  • Line Length: Approximately 6"
  • Line Weight: 11lb
  • Sinker: 1/10oz. 

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